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Media Relations

A comprehensive public relations strategy usually includes a strong media relations outreach component. A large and critical part of what we do involves building relationships and working with media to generate positive publicity for our clients. Since media coverage is generally viewed as more credible than paid advertising, it can be more effective when your story is told through journalists writing for reliable media sources. Our team has established mutually beneficial relationships with reporters, covering a variety of industries, who are ready to listen and respond to our outreach.

Our media relations capabilities include:

  • Developing comprehensive media relations outreach campaigns
  • Identifying target media and building relationships
  • Creating, thought-provoking story ideas
  • Pitching stories aggressively to the media
  • Preparing clients for media interviews 
  • Scheduling and coordinating media interviews
  • Scheduling briefings with journalists at industry trade shows and events
  • Tracking and measuring media coverage